Four parent leaders facilitating a COFI Center workshop

Parent leaders are at the center of a powerful and quickly growing movement for economic and racial justice – and we invite you to join us!

COFI offers a regular series of workshops in Chicago for individuals and organizations that are interested in incorporating The COFI Way into their own social justice mission and efforts. We also encourage organizations to join The COFI Way Cohort to benefit from ongoing COFI training, coaching and peer support over the multi-year organizing process of building a powerful organization of parent leaders. We will also continue to offer training sessions individually.

So, if you are interested in engaging parents to drive change in their communities, read on to learn how.

The COFI Way, One Step at a Time

The interactive and dynamic workshops, which follow the three-phase sequence of The COFI Way, are designed specifically for staff and leaders in community groups, schools, and agencies. Join the more than 800 community organizers, social service providers, school administrators, advocates, policymakers, and veteran parent leaders who have attended COFI Center for Action and Learning workshops to-date!

We offer the following:

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COFI Center Testimonials

  • It’s whatever the community needs. The COFI Way works so well because it depends on whatever the community is asking for.

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    Argenis Santamaria

    Former Family Leadership Coordinator, First3Years Houston
  • I am not alone. There are others I can reach out to for help. Thanks to COFI for renewing my spirit and encouraging me to seek powerful parent voices and empowering each one.

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    Carmen Torres

    Parent Leadership Manager, The Children’s Agenda (Rochester, NY)
  • The COFI Way is  a powerful leadership model that is life changing. It is all about relationship building and creating a village for all in the community.

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    Iris Gipson

    Parent Representative, Great Start Collaborative Parent Coalition (Kent County, MI)
  • Thanks to COFI, we brought three outstanding parent leaders to our Advisory Committee table, who have added great value to our discussions and our collective work in home visiting.

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    Melissa L. Kelley

    Facilitator, National Home Visiting Network
  • My work with COFI taught me how to find my voice and how to cultivate relationships. Leadership is not about leveraging what you have for your benefit, but for the benefit of others.

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    Nicole Burman

    Parent Educator, Bright Beginnings (Kent County, MI)