A woman speaks into a microphone while her colleagues in UPLAN watch and listen. They are standing in front of the US Capitol.

Ensuring parent voices are heard nationwide

In 2016, COFI joined six other parent leadership organizations nationally to launch the national United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN).

UPLAN is a non-partisan network of parent leaders from across the country who are passionate about improving the systems that affect children and families. UPLAN convenes parent leaders and groups to share the best of leadership development and organizing.

UPLAN is a mighty mix of parents. Most are parents of color; many are immigrants; more than a few are grandparents, raising another generation. Some live in big cities and some in small towns.

Membership includes 35 different state and local parent-led organizations, reaching over 700,000 families annually.

UPLAN’s founding policy platform includes the visions of parent leaders across the country advocating to change inequities in education, economic security, housing, community safety, and food and nutrition access.

A large group of UPLAN parents pose for a photo in front of the US Capitol

UPLAN Policy Priorities

  • Increasing affordability and access to child care and early education.
  • Protecting immigrant families and children.
  • Promoting real parent engagement in education and other systems.
To learn more about or join UPLAN please visit their website.