“They know what they’re talking about.”

Connected. Authentic. Well-informed. Collaborative. Effective. Persistent.

These are some of the adjectives that prominent decision-makers, elected officials, and advocacy partners have used to describe COFI parents.

Don’t just take it from us. Read what some of the most influential people in the policymaking arena have to say about the power of COFI-trained parent voices in changing the way things are done.

  • The people in community–you build on those assets. You develop your assets and they become your ambassadors. That’s what distinguishes COFI from other places.

    Carlos Azcoitia

    Professor Emeritus, National Louis University

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  • COFI’s approach is to say, "Hey, there’s a problem. Let’s figure out how to solve it." And their parent leaders are the ones who give the perspective.

    James Bebley

    Acting CEO, Chicago Housing Authority

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  • We were pointing at data. Rosazlia was always the person who would distill it down to how it was going to help parents.

    Tawa Jogunosimi

    Senior Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation

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  • You can respect parents' judgment and believe what they say. They are willing to work in the trenches, not just show up for photo-ops.

    Senator Kimberly Lightford

    Majority Leader, Illinois General Assembly

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  • They are persistent on the issue and are respectful about working with us to find solutions because we’re losing too many kids.

    Ernesto Matias

    Chief Education Officer, Illinois State Board of Education

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  • COFI parent leaders bring voice to parent concerns, including parents who are not able to or confident sharing their own feedback. 

    Dr. Jennifer Norrell

    Superintendent, East Aurora School District 131

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  • All the stories I've had the privilege of hearing from COFI parents have stuck with me. No matter the venue, I've had some of the best moments of my career with COFI parents.

    Jenna Severson

    Communications Manager, Economic Security for Illinois

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  • Bringing parents through the process that COFI does has shown success that I haven’t seen much of elsewhere.

    Nancy Shier

    Retired Vice President of Illinois Policy, Start Early

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