Building a powerful movement of parent leaders striving for economic, racial, and social justice for all families since 1995

Rooted in the core belief that parents are among the real experts best equipped to solve issues affecting their children and families, The COFI Way is a family focused parent leadership and organizing model that has helped thousands of parents around the country find their inner leader within. The parents then go on to change their communities for the better and enact policy and systems change on local, state, and federal levels.

The Model

The COFI Way is a revolutionary approach to community organizing. It’s a model that emphasizes the connection between a parent’s own struggles and those of the greater community. It builds power and capacity for individuals to solve problems by starting with personal development, eventually growing to leverage those strengths and winning lasting change through collective and public action.

Here’s how the model works:

The Three Phases

The COFI Way is taught over three comprehensive phases, developing leaders and helping parents build organizations that make a real difference in the community.

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  • With COFI, I immediately felt heard and supported and gained the skills that reinforced the strength of my voice and determination.

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    Delia Perez

    North Lawndale, Chicago
  • You can respect parents' judgment and believe what they say. They are willing to work in the trenches, not just show up for photo-ops.

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    Senator Kimberly Lightford

    Majority Leader, Illinois General Assembly
  • Bringing parents through the process that COFI does has shown success that I haven’t seen much of elsewhere.

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    Nancy Shier

    Retired Vice President of Illinois Policy, Start Early
  • We should be at every table that is making a decision about us, our children, our families, and our communities.

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    Rosazlia Grillier

    Englewood, Chicago