Manuals for Organizations

We offer manuals for each phase of The COFI Way process of parent leadership development and organizing. These manuals are provided to attendees of COFI Center for Action and Learning workshops and are available for purchase separately.

Each manual includes curriculum and activities to build and support parent leadership development and organizing experience, incrementally over time. The manuals are based on long and successful experience with more than 5,000 parents and hundreds of organizers and staff.

We designed the manuals for organizations that want to build and support parent power and adapt COFI’s work. The manuals include outlines for each training workshop, tips for organizers, trainers, or facilitators; real-life stories of parent leaders’ experiences; and usable handouts and processes to work effectively with parents.

All manuals are soft cover and spiral bound. Phase 1 and Phase 2 manuals are approximately 100 pages each, with English and Spanish versions. They are available for $50 per manual. Phase 3 manuals are 180+ pages in English only. They are available for $100 per manual.

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Phase 1 manual cover

Phase 1: Self, Family & Team + Team Building

  • Provides a thorough introduction to The COFI Way.
  • Includes curriculum for an Orientation and six Leadership Workshops, with goals, time frames, and materials needed for each session.
  • Real life examples, with stories of parents and parent teams.
  • Clear instructions, such as sample team meeting agendas – for the Team Building process, and additional workshops to use as needed on overcoming obstacles, time management, conflict resolution, and mid-project evaluation.
  • Training tips, principles, and techniques for facilitators.
  • Appendices in English and Spanish for all handouts.
English and Spanish versions available. Price per manual, including shipping: $50
Phase 2 manual cover

Phase 2: Community Outreach & Action

  • Introduction to The COFI Way.
  • Curriculum for five parent workshops, including “Overview of Community Outreach & Action,” “Getting People Involved,” “The Art of the One-on-One Relationship-Building Interviews,” “Building the Team and Setting Outreach Goals,” and “Finalize the Outreach Plan, ‘Hitting the Streets,’ and Graduation.”
  • Instructions for taking parent leaders through the outreach process – including support for hosting community planning and town hall meetings.
  • Community action section includes instructions for how to help parents prepare for a town hall meeting, campaign launch, or action.
  • Notes for organizers, with tips and insights for success.
  • Real life examples of parents and parent teams in action.
  • Sample meeting agendas, outreach scripts and surveys, and sample flyers.
  • Appendices in English and Spanish for all handouts.
English and Spanish versions available. Price per manual, including shipping: $50
Phase 3 manual cover

Phase 3: Policy & Systems Change

We’re excited to share that COFI’s training and organizing manual for Phase 3: Policy & Systems Change is now available! At 180+ pages, it includes:

  • Instructions for bringing multiple parent teams together to build relationships and strategize together.
  • Process of determining policy campaign for collective action.
  • Organizer learning section on how to support the parents as they work together to form citywide, regional, or statewide parent organizations, or networks of parent teams.
  • Series of workshops (“What is Policy?” “Working with the Media,” “How to Influence Policy Change,” and more)
  • System for recognizing Parent Leadership accomplishments during Phase 3 of COFI leadership training.
English only. Price per manual, including shipping: $100

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