Introduction to The COFI Way (virtual)

This virtual 2-hour session will introduce participants to The COFI Way, a family focused parent leadership and organizing model. Participants will meet COFI trainers, organizers and parent leaders, and will gain firsthand experience with the model. This participatory session is best for anyone interested in learning more about The COFI Way. The training is on March 5, 2024 […]


Phase 2: Community Outreach & Action

At the 3.5 day Phase 2 training, you will learn how to build a parent team and work with them to do one-on-one relationship building interviews, map a community, choose an issue campaign and win tangible victories in their schools and communities. It includes in-depth exploration of the second year of COFI’s three-year organizing process […]


Phase 3: Policy & Systems Change

This is the final and ongoing phase of The COFI Way. COFI’s policy and systems change work in Phase 3 builds off of the incremental steps during the first two phases. The policy & systems change curriculum and organizing process covers skill-building sessions on choosing issues, research, public speaking, fundraising, media, and negotiation. This training teaches how to support […]