Is The COFI Way right for your organization?

Are you curious about how you can implement The COFI Way in your organization? This page provides an overview of the benefits of The COFI Way for organizations and what it takes to get started.

Benefits of The COFI Way

Incorporating The COFI Way model of family focused organizing into your organization’s work will enable you to:

  • engage parents and build their capacity to set goals, establish plans for achieving those goals, and make positive changes in their own lives. 
  • develop strong teams of parent leaders capable of giving voice to the needs of families in the community and taking leadership on issues critical to families.
  • forge partnerships between parents and community institutions such as schools, childcare centers, and social service agencies to create a more family-friendly community.
  • leverage the power and collective voice of parents to change their communities and to advocate for policies, programs, and systems that work for families.
  • build connections with a national movement of parent leaders striving for economic, racial, and social justice.

Where Do We Begin?

There are key readiness factors that position organizations for successful implementation of The COFI Way. We encourage organizations to lay a strong foundation for implementation.

The COFI Way is a three-phase model that is implemented over multiple years. We suggest organizations make an up-front commitment to the process for at least three years, with the goal of securing longer-term support.

When getting started, we suggest partners:  

  • ensure there is support within your organization for building the power and voice of parents. 
  • dedicate staff time to the organizing project. 
  • be willing to share power with parent leaders and support the priorities and plans that emerge from the parent organizing.

A graphic showing the Three Phases of The COFI way. The first block for Phase 1 is about creating supportive parent teams, setting goals, and establishing plans. The Phase 2 block is about creating community-based action plans that start with common concerns raised by the parents. The Phase 3 block highlights uniting parents across race and community to impact policy and systems change around issues of importance to families. Underneath the blocks are arrows pointing to the right.

  • Suggested Readings

    COFI and POWER-PAC IL have been developing parent-powered research, learnings, and recommendations for close to three decades. We suggest you read the following publications as you start thinking about implementing The COFI Way in your community: 

  • Stories from Parents

    Since 1995, thousands of parents have found and grown their power with The COFI Way. Each one has a valuable story to tell, and brings knowledge and experience to the table. Read about a few COFI parent leaders, and get ready to be inspired to unlock parent power in your community!


    Meet The Parents

Are You Ready?

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