COFI Board Co-Chair Rosazlia Grillier Speaks Up Against Chicago Overnight Winter Parking Ban

A photo of Ms. Rose smiling

COFI Board Co-Chair and UPLAN Governing Council member Rosazlia Grillier (Ms. Rose) spoke against Chicago’s overnight winter parking ban and how it financially burdens residents to CBS Chicago. See the excerpt here:

“‘Sometimes there’s absolutely no snow at all yet people feel the grunt in their pocket,’ said Rosazlia Grillier, a South Side resident and renowned activist for the city’s poor

Grillier’s organization, Community Organizing and Family Issues, helped facilitate numerous reforms to the city’s ticketing and debt-collection practices under former Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration. Through the years, Grillier has experienced the city’s ticketing and impound program numerous times.

‘It’s in effect, let’s say when the ground is dry. We’ve had some winter days that are almost like summer,’ Griller said, ‘Yet, your car is towed.’”

Watch the video here. | Learn more about how POWER-PAC IL fights harmful fees and fines that disproportionately impact low-income communities.