Launch of National Fellowship with POWER-PAC Leaders at the Helm

COFI is pleased to announce the launch of the first ever Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap (CWWG) Community Leader Fellowship. CWWG has partnered with COFI to select five longtime POWER-PAC Illinois parents for the inaugural cohort:

Donna Carpenter, Fellow
Rosazlia Grillier, Senior Fellow
Lettie Hicks, Fellow
Michelle Morton, Fellow
Liliana Olayo, Fellow

CWWG is a national network of leaders, including COFI, working to transform public policies and systems to advance gender economic equity and close the gender wealth gap.

For a year, the Fellows will work closely with CWWG to not only share their perspectives, ideas, and experiences as women of color, but also contribute to shaping strategic decisions and solutions on a national platform. CWWG will support Fellows’ professional growth and leadership, and give them the opportunity to tap into the national network for ways to strengthen their own economic security. Lastly, the women are paid a stipend for their work.

CWWG convened virtually this month for their annual National Meeting. In addition to attending the event, the Fellows were formally introduced to all network partners and meeting participants as the “Fab Five,” and garnered universal praise!

At the two-day conference, Rosazlia (Senior Fellow) spoke on a panel entitled “We are Not a Monolith: Economic Security for Black, Native America, Latinx, and Asian and Pacific Islander Women” with other national community leaders. The conversation centered around reclaiming identities and narratives, leaving behind antiquated systems, and identifying solutions to address economic inequities through an intersectional lens.

We see this partnership with CWWG as a remarkable step in moving closer to ensuring economic equity for all. Kudos to these amazing women!