COFI Celebrates 25 Years of Parent Power

We’re excited to announce Celebration of Hope: 25 Years on Friday, August 6 at Chicago’s Epiphany Center for the Arts in honor of our 25th anniversary!

For over two decades COFI/POWER-PAC IL families from all across diverse communities have gathered every summer to share food, dance, play games, and celebrate community and policy victories together. What makes this year’s event extra special is that it will be the first time parent leaders and their families are getting together in a year and a half, and will also be joined by COFI friends to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

It’s been a long, dark, and terrifying last 15 months. Yet despite odds being stacked against them, POWER-PAC IL parent leaders did not quit. Navigating this tricky virtual landscape, parents became even stronger, leaned on each other for emotional support, and continued to advocate for themselves and their families. Here are just a few examples of their powerful wins since last spring: Utilities / Police in Schools / Driver’s License Suspension

In our 25th year, we remain committed to making time and space for families to reconnect and celebrate. It is crucial to acknowledge and honor parents’ hard-fought victories. Please consider sponsoring the event today–doing so will help ensure that parents stay in this often challenging, life-changing work for the long haul.

Check out the event page!