COFI Canvasser, Cornelia Simms’ Quest to Raise the Minimum Wage

Cornelia Simms, POWER-PAC parent and canvasser for COFI Ambassador projects, was featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, ‘Faces of Minimum Wage’ series. Cornelia, who also goes by Cye Cye, has been serving as a home care worker for her mother for years. She travels five days a week in order to provide Medicaid-funded homemaker services through Addus HomeCare Inc. Despite having multiple jobs, Cye Cye has struggled to garner enough income to pay her rent, CTA fare, student loans, and provide for herself and her mother. She has been a strong advocate for raising the minimum wage to $15 and continues to raise awareness to an issue that affects many low-income workers throughout the city.

Chicago Sun Time – Faces of Minimum Wage , Cye Cye Simms