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Moms, grandmas, aunts, and mother figures make the world a more extraordinary place! We invite you to honor a special person in your life with a tribute gift that will go toward training COFI mothers and parent leaders who are organizing statewide to make Illinois a place where ALL children and families can thrive.

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The power of parents can go a long way. We just have to speak up and stick together. We can get a whole lot done.

Donna Carpenter

Donna Carpenter

POWER-PAC IL Co-President

COFI brings out the leader within

Donna, a long-time resident of Englewood, Chicago, didn’t always think of herself as a leader. When she attended a COFI parent leadership training at her child’s school, she didn’t think anything much would come out of it. Donna had too much to worry about at home and just wanted to lay low. But then something wonderful happened – another parent saw in Donna what she didn’t see in herself at the time: a future leader.

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