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We are building relationships and partnerships right now to put focus back on the community. It’s whatever the community needs. I think that’s why The COFI Way works so well because it depends on whatever the community is asking for.

The model we are following is COFI (Community Organizing Family Issues) and out of that is really where the families were able to form their identity as a group and begin envisioning their ideal community.

Argenis Santamaria, Family Leadership Coordinator at First3Years Houston, trained in all three phases of The COFI Way, recently talked about his work with The COFI Way on the Baytown Engage Podcast .

Listen to Episode 52: First Three Years with Laura Alvarado and Argenis Santamaria 

They discuss the great work Babies In Baytown in Houston and First3Years is doing for parents/guardians readying their children for school during their pivotal learning years. They also discuss their success using the COFI model.