Stop the Debt Spiral! POWER-PAC Releases Report and Call to Action

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 POWER-PAC mothers and grandmothers, shared the results of their parent-to-parent surveys and personal stories of how they become indebted by predatory systems that take advantage of people living on a low-income, revealing what poverty means for very low-income families.

Thank you to K. Sujata, President/CEO of Chicago Foundation for Women, Christine George from CURL Loyola, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Alderman Toni Foulkes who came together with POWER-PAC to discuss solutions and action campaigns to consumer debt.


In Chicago, POWER-PAC mother leaders are asking the City to create a Financial Justice Initiative and to do a Financial Scan to look at the disparate impacts of city fees and fines on low- income, immigrant, and Chicagoans of color. And, across the state, parents are taking action on a wide-range of debt-focused initiatives to turn the tide and Stop the Debt Spiral.




See POWER-PAC’s Stepping Out of Poverty Campaign’s complete list of recommendations here and read the full report.