STOP Co-Chair Speaks About Utility Debt

“Rosazlia Grillier, an activist in Chicago, helped spearhead a campaign in her hometown for debt relief and affordable bills. Other goals in this movement include customer service that does not look down upon people, less cumbersome paperwork in applying for assistance, and plumbing retrofits to fix leaks and reduce water use for low-income households. She said these steps are necessary to level the playing field for those at the bottom, especially as the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to undo a decade of economic gains.

‘You can’t get blood from a turnip and there’s only so much you can take from people who already don’t have,’ said Grillier, co-chair emeritus with COFI POWER-PAC Illinois, an anti-poverty group. ‘We really need to look at creating systems where the city is sustaining itself and not causing harm to other human beings.’”

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