POWER-PAC Takes Action to End the Cycle of Violence

POWER-PAC leader speaks out for early learning programs at press conference (above) and POWER-PAC parents and CPS Chief Safety and Security Officer promote restorative justice in the schools (below).

On October 26th, POWER-PAC joined Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, Fight Crime/Invest in Kids, and the Southside Early Learning Network for a press conference to promote home-visiting programs that support parents in raising emotionally healthy infants and toddlers. As POWER-PAC parent leader and program participant, Kimberly Smith, from Stagg Elementary in Englewood, shared: “This program is so important for me and my community. We know that investing time in our children now helps break the cycle of violence.”

Week of Action Cropped 2_0

Earlier this month, on October 5th, 100 POWER-PAC parent activists called on Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and school systems across the country to put a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions. They referred to studies that show that out-of-school suspensions lead to school drop-out. POWER-PAC joined other members of the national Dignity in Schools Campaign to host this event as part of the National Week of Action on School Push-Out.

Chicago Public Schools’ Chief Safety and Security Officer, Jadine Chou (above, far left), praised POWER-PAC’s help in creating a new training for CPS security personnel. She committed to work with POWER-PAC to improve school climate citywide.