POWER-PAC Successfully Advocates for Low-Income Families at the Illinois Capitol!

On May 8th, during their Moms on a Mission trip to Springfield, 150 POWER-PAC moms, dads, and their families successfully advocated for several bills which will have a positive impact on low-income families.

In partnership with the Illinois Asset Building Group, they helped to pass HB2262, a bill which removes the disincentives for low-income families to save by getting rid of asset limits on public benefits (TANF). Now low-income families can save money and not be penalized! In just one of dozens of conversations held with legislators, the parent leaders talked with State Senator Martin Sandoval from the Southwest side of Chicago and, in the course of the conversation, realized that they were from the same small town in Michoacán, Mexico. Before they knew it, the Senator accepted an invitation to dinner at POWER-PAC leader’s home AND agreed to co-sponsor HB2262!

Parent leaders also urged legislators not to cut critical programs like early learning and child care and conversations paid off, as the Senate and House passed a budget that includes level funding for early childhood education and home visiting programs and a slight increase for child care assistance.

Finally, they attended a hearing on May 8th where they supported legislation that passed to allow low-level, non-violent offenders to seal their records after doing their time – making it easier for people to put their lives back together.

WAY TO GO POWER-PAC for making sure that the legislators understood the real issues affecting low-income families today and the impact of their decisions on real families.