POWER-PAC IL Vice President Calls for Year-Round Energy Assistance Program

Valerie Carroll headshot

“[Valerie] Carroll, 60, is a lifelong Englewood resident and has been taking care of her disabled brother for the past five years. She’s getting ready to apply for funds from LIHEAP or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps households behind on light and gas bills. But fewer households will get money this year. During the pandemic, Congress authorized temporary funds that supercharged LIHEAP benefits. This upcoming LIHEAP season, beginning in October, will be the first since 2021 without additional pandemic benefits. Funding fell to $280 million from $406 million at its peak in 2022.”

“‘We suffer in the winter from the cold. People suffer in the summer from heat strokes. So yes, they need an all year round program. Not just when it’s cold,’ [Carroll said.]

In the meantime, Carroll is keeping an eye on the weather and plans to be among the first eligible families to apply for assistance when the application opens next week.”

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