POWER-PAC Early Learning Campaign Gains National and Statewide Recognition

COFI was the 2010 national recipient of the Leo P. Chall Award for outstanding work to promote the enrollment of low-income children in quality early education programs. This award, funded out of an endowment at the Sociological Initiatives Foundation in Boston, supports organizations that link research with social action to impact public policy.

Parents shaped important public policy in Illinois. The Governor’s Office announced $3.5 million of federal funding over 3-years to support early learning pilot projects and collaboration. Programs are designed to reach underserved children with quality early care and education, and are based on POWER-PAC research and recommendations.

POWER-PAC’s parent-to-parent outreach program to get more children in early learning programs won expanded support from the City of Chicago Department of Families and Support Services, as Ambassadors for Head Start.