POWER PAC Addresses Financial Crisis

POWER-PAC leaders began work on issues of economic security for low-income families last fall. A number of events are reaching families and policy makers to take on the particularly harsh repercussions of the recession.

At a citywide forum more than 50 parents received training, and explored policies that impact family asset building and economic justice. In a follow-up meeting, with policy advocates, parents helped shape organizational priorities to address key issues for families. POWER-PAC also held a series of financial literacy workshops, designed to connect personal issues with broader policies.

Pictured above: Some of the Lawndale League of Extraordinary Women with Vision, a group formed through a COFI partnership with Family Focus – Lawndale, organized a community forum on asset building, which was covered by WBEZ public radio (article below).

Chicago West Side Women Seek to Narrow Wealth Gap – WBEZ