Peacemaker and POWER-PAC leader Rosalva Nava joins Dignity in Schools in D.C.

Peacemaker and POWER-PAC leader Rosalva Nava joined Dignity in Schools (DSC) for their annual ‘Days in the Capitol’ trip to Washington D.C. As part of the trip, DSC educators, parents, and students from DSC held a congressional briefing (sponsored by Senator Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Murphy (D-Conn.) to examine the positive steps communities across the country have taken to stop school pushout practices. A the briefing, Rosalva Nava spoke of her experiences integrating Restorative Peace Circles to bring students, parents, teachers, and administrators together to mediate conversations that resolve conflict and heal harm in order to create safer schools while still holding students accountable for misbehavior.

Dignity in Schools Campaign – Days at the Capitol