Parent Leader Advocates for Importance of Social and Emotional Learning for Children

“As parents, we are experts in our children’s development, interests, culture, and strengths. We are also their advocates as they enter the world and begin school. But while kids learn initial social and emotional skills at home, the learning doesn’t stop when they leave the house. That’s why it’s integral that these skills and attitudes are championed in all the places our children learn, at home, in the classroom, or on the playground. Even though I was raising my son to address his problems respectfully, there were times when I needed to have a conversation with the school. When speaking with my son’s teacher during a parent-teacher conference, it became clear that we both wanted the same thing for my son and the other children; for them to demonstrate the same core principles of treating others with care and respect, being empathetic and standing up when they see injustice occurring. This common ground unites us together, and when we work together towards this common goal, our children will feel supported to dream big.”

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