Parent Ambassadors bring Early Reading and Math Literacy Message to Family Homes


Thirty-seven Parent Ambassadors successfully brought the message of early learning and its importance door-to-door in 22 Chicago communities, knocking on more than 27,000 doors, speaking with 12,000 families and helping support more than 500 children ages two to five in the early learning application and enrollment process for preschool. Parent Ambassadors also added Early Math Literacy to their outreach messaging. In partnership with Voices for Illinois Children, and using their “Mighty Math” curriculum, the Ambassadors provided 6,000 one-pagers on creative ways to engage young children in Math Literacy and gave out 850 math kits, with toys to support this in the home. They also hosted five community events and trained 150 parents in Math Literacy. With Math Literacy increasingly becoming recognized as a critical skill for infants, toddlers and preschoolers to develop, COFI and POWER-PAC are excited to be able to spread the word and to share tools that support families in recognizing what they are doing that is already math literacy and learning new ways to engage young ones