Living While Leading

Donna Carpenter, Rosazlia Grillier, Lettie Hicks, Michelle Morton, and Liliana Olayo, five longtime COFI/POWER-PAC IL parent leaders and members of the Stepping Out of Poverty Campaign, were selected to be part of the inaugural Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap Community Leadership Fellowship in 2021. Affectionately known as The Fabulous Five, they each brought their powerful leadership and incredible accomplishments to the fellowship, which amplified and centered their perspectives as women of color. Today, they continue to bring their voices to Illinois and national tables on women’s economic security issues, including poverty and childcare.

In a brand new video that launched this month, we invite you to hear Donna, Rosazlia, Lettie, Michelle, and Liliana talk about bringing their lived experiences as mothers and grandmothers to their leadership. You’ll be so inspired! Please watch the video, and if you enjoy it, give it a “like” and share widely!