“Lift Us Up, Don’t Push Us Out”

The week of October 17th to 22nd, POWER-PAC parent leaders joined partners from across the country as part of the Dignity in Schools 7th Annual National Week of Action against School Pushout.

In Chicago, POWER-PAC parent leaders hosted a teach-in along with the Chicago Lawyer’s Committee on Civil Rights on SB 100, a new law in Illinois on school discipline that POWER-PAC helped to pass. (See COFI’s Guide to Parent Engagement in SB 100.)

And, in Pittsburgh, PA, POWER-PAC leader and Peacemaker from Melody School, Dexter Leggin, participated in a national panel along with legislators, parents and students talking about restorative practices and how to lessen the negative impacts of police in schools. He shared his experiences as a parent and peace keeper in his community of West Garfield Park. Watch the video here from 28:45-32:25 to hear Dexter Leggin on the panel.