Evanston Parent Leader Speaks to Local Paper About Early Childhood Advocacy in Springfield

A group of advocates for Early Childhood Education pose for a photo

“For Rocio Mancera, an Evanston mother of four, Early Childhood Advocacy Day on April 18 is an opportunity to fight for the voiceless. 

‘If we don’t advocate for the children, who else can?’ said Mancera, in an interview translated from Spanish. ‘They can’t speak for themselves; they’re babies. We have to advocate for them as parents.’ 

‘If there aren’t many resources, it is difficult to reach them [children],’ Mancera said. ‘If you don’t advocate, they won’t have the services they need. It’s harder and less effective to reach them when they are older, so we’re going to Advocacy Day in Springfield to tell them about the importance of early education at 3 years old.'”

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