Elementary Justice Campaign Co-Chair Calls on Police to Respect Community Decision on WBEZ

“Most of the high schools that voted to remove one officer are in low-income Black neighborhoods, while those that voted to remove both officers have mostly Latino students or a mixed student body.

‘It is bull,’ said Dexter Leggin, a parent who works with the advocacy group Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI). ‘I think that the police in the Black and brown communities bully their way through things to make people do what they want to do and they are bullying Chicago Public Schools to do what they want to do.’

Leggin’s son attends Al Raby High School in West Garfield Park. The council voted to keep one of two officers.


Advocacy groups, including COFI, are calling on the police to ‘respect the extensive community engagement process that took place over the past year,’ according to a statement released on Monday.”

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