COFI/POWER-PAC IL Parents Win Partner of the Year Award for Their Work on Kane County Parent Council on Children’s Mental Health

18 women, mostly Latina, are standing and sitting for a group picture

Congratulations, Kane County parents! Twenty COFI-trained parents earned the Compañeros en Salud/Partners in Health Partner of the Year Award on Dec. 13 for their work on the Kane County System of Care (KCSOC) Parent Council! The award recognizes people and organizations improving Latinx families’ quality of life.

COFI started training the Parent Council in The COFI Way of parent-leadership training in 2020. The parents aim to elevate parents’ and caregivers’ voices in the mental health system through education, outreach, and advocacy.

“We are here to support and link the community with mental health agencies and support programs,” said Claudia Serrano, POWER-PAC IL’s Elgin Branch Delegate and Parent Council member.

Parents have been informing and guiding the Kane County Health Department’s work on mental health and preventative services for three years. Many are also members of COFI’s parent-led membership group, POWER-PAC IL. POWER-PAC IL fights for policies that better support children and family mental health.

“KCSOC has shown exceptional dedication in advocating for and providing guidance and resources to parent leaders,” said Laura Martinez, Compañeros en Salud/Partners in Health Board Chair. “Their efforts have had a transformative impact on the lives of many parents who are supported and empowered to learn the skills needed to strengthen their families.”

Learn more about the Council here.