Chicago Families “Find the Math” in Everyday Fun!

This month, COFI-trained parent leaders in the Austin and Englewood communities held three new Mighty Math Fun Family events as a part of an ongoing initiative to make math fun and accessible to young children and their parents.

COFI-trained parent peer facilitators led groups of mothers, grandmothers and babies, ages 0 to 5, in structured play designed to engage the youngest ones with math concepts. Facilitators highlighted simple and effective strategies for parents, such as singing, counting, and talking about shapes and patterns. Families took home a math-centered picture book and fun developmental toys, including a button box and a ring tower. They committed to find the math in everyday activities like cooking, grocery shopping, reading and playing outside.

Research affirms that exposure to math at a young age is key for later success, and COFI parents are working to ensure that all children and parents have these opportunities. Through the Mighty Math initiative, children are learning that math is fun and approachable. These sessions are just the beginning of a yearlong initiative to raise awareness of the role of math in early childhood development and empower parents to join in the fun with their little ones.

The Mighty Math project is made possible by generous support from Boeing Global Engagement and our ongoing partnership with Voices for Illinois Children.